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Breakfast Favorites

  • Broadway Bagels - mcbagel



    One egg, two strips of bacon melted cheese served on any freshly baked bagel
  • fruit-bowl-02

    Fruit Bowl


    Served with granola and your choice of cottage cheese or yogurt
  • broadway-american

    Broadway American


    Two eggs any style served with melted cheese, two strips of bacon, two sausage links and your choice of home fries, oatmeal or grits, plus a bagel or bialy.
  • potato latke

    Broadway Potato Cake & Eggs


    Seasoned grilled mashed potatoes topped with cheese, served with two eggs any style and three strips of bacon or sausage plus a bagel or bialy.
  • blue-berry-french-toast

    Blueberry French Toast


    Dipped in our homemade batter grilled to golden brown perfection and topped with fresh warmed blueberries.
  • Broadway Bagels - frenchtoast

    Broadway French Toast


    French toast dipped in our own homemade french toast batter, then grilled golden brown
  • banna-french-toast

    Banana French Toast


    French toast stuffed with bananas and dipped in our homemade french toast batter, then grilled golden brown and garnished with peaches
  • Broadway Bagels - pancakes

    Buttermilk Pancakes


    A fluffy stack of pancackes made from our daily-made whipped batter -Short Stack $5.99 -Add blueberry, banana, or chocolate chips $7.99
  • Broadway Bagels - eggsflorentine

    Ralphie Special


    This morning classic is 3 poached eggs, served over a bed of spinach with sliced tomatoes & cucumber with your choice of bagel.
  • 2eggs-any-style

    2 Eggs Any Style


    Includes your choice of buttered bagel, bialy or toast and your choice of potatoes, grits or oatmeal Add back, ham or sausage $1.00 more
  • french-toast-slam

    Broadway French Toast Slam


    Two french toast wedges served with two eggs any style, two sausage links and two bacon strips.
  • Broadway Bagels - pancake slam

    Pancake Broadway Slam


    Two fluffy pancakes, served with two any style eggs, two crisp bacon strips and two sausage links.
  • Broadway Bagels - Corned Beef Hash

    Corned Beef Hash


    Served with two eggs any style plus potatoes, grits or oatmeal, and your choice of bagel or bialy

Famous Benedicts

All three of these include golden brown english muffins topped with our ver own homemade hollandaise sauce. Served with your choice of home fries, oatmeal or grits.
  • eggs florentine

    Eggs Florentine


    This morning classic is two eggs poached, served over Canadian Bacon
  • eggs-benedict-arnold-01

    Eggs Benedict Arnold


    This morning classic to two eggs poached, served over Nova
  • Broadway Bagels - eggsbenedict

    Eggs Benedict


    This morning classic is two eggs poached, served over Canadian bacon.

Great Omelettes

Farm fresh 3 extra large egg omelettes served with your choice of potatoes, oatmeal or grits and a bagel or bialy. - Substitute egg whites or egg beaters for $1.25
  • Greek Omelette


    This is a delicious blend of garden fresh tomatoes, spinach and eggs filled with feta cheese *Healthy choice make it egg whites served with tomatoes    Add $1.25
  • deli-omlete

    Deli Omelette


    This house specialty is stuffed with our NY style corned beef and pastrami and swiss cheese then topped off with more swiss
  • spanish-olmete

    Spanish Omelette


    A delicious combination of mushrooms, onions, peppers & our homemade salsa
  • Broadway Bagels - veggiescramble

    Broadway Veggie Scramble


    Our signature combination of mushrooms, onions, peppers and spinach topped with your choice of cheese.
  • Broadway Bagels - Western Omlete

    Western Omlete


    Ham, Green Peppers, and Onions
  • build-your-own-omlete

    Create Your Own Omelette


    Choose from any four (4) ingredients Bacon & Cheese, Cornbeef & Swiss, Ham & Cheese, Mushroom & Cheese, Nova Eggs & Onions, Pastrami & Provolone, And More…

Bagel Spread